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You will have an opportunity to express if you interested in our email marketing procedure or not. Some items will be sent in separate packages due to some logistical reasons when you make the purchase with a combined shipping. The security standards council will handle all the direct payment gateways. You can check out the terms and conditions, the privacy policy of our store if you want to get more insights about our Totoro products. You should not violate the terms and conditions of our company when we disclose your information. We can easily sell our products and services to the online e-commerce platform. The general Shopify application will store the data in our store.

Studio Ghibli

Complete the purchase with the transaction:

The secure server is used behind the firewall to store the data of the customers. You can complete your purchase by selecting a direct payment gateway. The credit card data will be stored on Shopify when you complete the purchase. We will store the transaction data as long it is used to complete the transaction. You can ensure that your credit card information is safe with our service providers. The information of the credit card is deleted if you have already purchased the transaction. If the shipping services are not available in your location then you can just message us so that we will contact you. We will try to meet the needs of the customers with the services which we deliver.

Tracking information about the product:

The packages will be shipped based on the weight and size of the product. The company will not take responsibility for the customs fees of the items once they are shipped. The shipping time of theĀ Totoro product will vary depending on the location. If your order has already shipped then you will receive an email which will include the tracking information. Some packages mostly get the customs fees once they arrive in your country. It is completely your choice to purchase one or more packages of the products. The tracking information will not be updated for some shipping companies for about 2-5 business days.