Die Cut Decal Printing Options for Decoration

die cut decal printing

If you are looking to add Simple, classic signage to your car, you have got two options-vinyl decoration or die-cut decals. Both of these products are extremely similar, but there’s one primary difference that makes it possible to choose between them.

Here is how it works:

Vinyl lettering is simply a List of letters which you define which is cut directly from a colored vinyl. No actual printing is done on vinyl lettering. For a very simple business name or a personal quotation, this is a fast and effortless way to add car signage. Die-cut vinyl stickers, however, involve a real process of cutting and printing. Your design is printed on a white vinyl and then cut using a cutting machine. This process is needed if you need a multi-colored decal, or your layout uses intricate logos and/or graphics. Normally, die-cut decals are more costly as the procedure is more-detailed.

die cut decal printingFor any lettering piece, even If it is a die-cut decal, it is important to select your fonts wisely. Thorough script fonts look really beautiful when cut, but many cutting machines only can cut that. If you really need to use these fonts, check with your printing company to determine if it is possible with their machines. As a rule of thumb, it is better to stick to bold, simple fonts, because these may be cut out easily. They are also a lot easier to read, especially from a distance. If you are searching for a script font, you may order a clear automobile decal-with this product your script font can be printed directly onto a transparent background. You get one bit, but after applying it to your vehicle you cannot find the background.

Again, check with your die cut decal printing company to find out if their machines have some size limitations. As a rule of thumb, lettering should be at least 1 tall so that it could be easily-read. Each inch of lettering is fully-readable from approximately ten feet off, and this increases in that ratio. Die-cut decals are priced in the overall measurements of the vinyl piece, usually with an extra charge for the die-cutting procedure. Some companies charge this manner for vinyl lettering also, so you will want to gauge the overall area where you’d like to set your car sign in the event your business prices this way. Other firms, however, price by each individual letter. This can be cheaper, based on how big you are lettering, but ensure it will still fit within the overall dimensions of your car or truck.